Sat. Feb 24th, 2024

2010 lines then yes, it’s dead. Marketing as a whole has undergone such momentous changes over the last few years that no element of it reflects its old-self.

Email marketing is the same. It is still highly relevant. 2019 has seen the scales tip: now more than 50% of the world’s population use email. Given that we know that email marketing brings in more in terms of ROI than any other marketing channel, we’d be fools to ignore its power. But, it’s only relevant when we embrace how it is adapting. That’s why we assert that these are the 6 email marketing trends which will shape the software industry in 2020.
1. Branding Really Matters

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We are no strangers to the power of branding. There’s good reason why we have made branding central to the Omnia approach to marketing. It’s because in the highly-visual highly-connected digital world, branding matters more than ever.

It’s our belief that this will become even more the case in 2020. More and more there is seamless integration between marketing channels. These aren’t different people you’re communicating with in different ways: these are the same people, coming at you from different angles. That means you branding needs to be bullet-proof and unwaveringly consistent.

That’s a tough thing to achieve in many ways. If your business is managing multiple marketing channels which range from email marketing to Facebook PPC, how do you achieve consistency?

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