Fri. Mar 1st, 2024

1. Utilize Autoresponders for Publishing and Promotion
Autoresponders with a broadcast feature offer an affordable solution for publishing your own mailing lists, including text-based, HTML, or web-based ezines. This tool can significantly boost your sales. Autoresponders can also be used to promote your ezine by delivering sample issues to your visitors or creating an archive of all your past issues. Additionally, they can be used to attract more subscribers by offering a bonus for subscribing, such as an email course or multipart report.

2. Exchange Ads with Other Ezine Publishers
Although setting up ad swaps can be time-consuming, it can be highly beneficial as it provides targeted promotion of your ezine at no cost. For optimal results, try to swap ads for at least three consecutive issues, as repetition can increase the number of subscribers. Also, track your ad swaps to identify which ezines and ad copies yield the best results.

3. Exchange “Thank You” Page Ads with Other Publishers
The page your subscribers land on after subscribing to your ezine can be used to advertise other ezines in exchange for the same service. This strategy can provide ongoing promotion of your ezine as long as the other ezines continue to be published. When choosing ezines to swap with, select those that offer related, complimentary content, not those that directly compete with you.

4. Swap Welcome Message Ads with Other Publishers
This strategy is similar to swapping “thank you” page ads. The main difference is that not all subscribers will read your welcome email. However, this type of swap is easier to set up and can provide long-term promotion of your ezine.

5. Exchange Recommendations with Other Publishers
Swapping recommendations with a trusted and respected ezine publisher can effectively increase your subscriptions. However, be cautious when choosing ezines to recommend. Ensure they are ezines you can genuinely endorse, as recommending a subpar ezine can cost you your subscribers’ trust.

6. Write Engaging Articles
Writing “how-to” articles or providing valuable tips can increase your subscribers’ trust in you and boost your subscriptions. You can also write articles on current hot topics or conduct interviews. Add a resource box to your articles that advertises your ezine and submit your articles to other ezine publishers, article announcement lists, and article directories. Also, allow your visitors and subscribers to reprint your articles in their ezines or on their websites.

7. Exchange Articles with Other Publishers
Swapping articles can provide excellent promotion for your ezines. However, this strategy can lower the value of your content if the other publisher’s article is published in many other ezines. To avoid this, you could create a swap where you write an article to run exclusively in another publisher’s ezine and vice versa. This strategy can help you gain more subscribers while providing your subscribers with exclusive content.

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