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Following on from the positive responses to my previous article, 7 tips for confident cold calling, I thought that I would continue with 8 more of my 23 tips for confident cold calling…

Tip 8 Don’t put the phone down between calls.

Putting the phone down between calls can slow you down and impede your motivation. Keep the energy going by keeping the phone in your hand once you start your cold calling sessions.

Many salespeople and business people stop and go during sessions on the phone. Much like jogging down a busy street, this constant chopping and changing is tiring and drains your positive momentum. Each time you stop you need to get your motivation back to get going again, so it is far better to get motivated, get going and keep going.

Tip 9 Wear a headset if at all possible.

Wireless ones are the best. Holding the phone to your ear can impede your movement and impact your ability to communicate naturally. By using a headset you allow yourself more freedom of movement. The more freedom of movement you have, the more you can express yourself.

Many people I work with object to using a headset at first for a variety of reasons. They will often try it for a day or two and then say that it does not work for them.

As with anything new, using a headset for the first time may feel a little strange and could take you a little while to get used to. Once you have pushed through this discomfort however you will reap the benefits of a more natural posture and more freedom of movement and expression.

Tip 10 Sit up, or better still, stand up, when on the phone.

This is a particularly useful tactic at the start of cold calling sessions or when you are feeling your enthusiasm beginning to cool off. Sitting up or standing up will inject much needed energy and vitality into your cold calls.

Sales managers of old used to understand this and make salespeople stand up until they had made their first appointment or their first sale of the day.

Few sales managers would make their teams stand today (and would probably get far too many threats and moans if they did!) but that does not mean that it isn’t great advice. Your sales manager may not tell you to stand up but you can make the decision to do so yourself…

After all, it is you who will reap the benefits.

Tip 11 Keep your head up and breathe naturally.

Maintain the correct physiology by keeping your head up and breathing naturally. This helps to improve your focus, your attention and your motivation.

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