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Pandas live in temperate rain forest, which is located on the east of Qinghai-Tibet Plateau. Bamboo is the main undergrowth in the temperate rain forests. There is a series of high mountains and deep gullies from the upstream of Yangtze River to Tibet Plateau. This area includes Qinling Mountains, Minshan Mountain, Qionglai Mountain, Daxiang Mountain, Xiaoxiang Mountain and Big and Small Liang Mountain. At the southern foot of Tibet Plateau, we can see Qinling Mountains. It mainly distributes in Foping County and Yang County. Certainly we can see the mountain’s some parts in Taibai County, Ningxia County, Zhouzhi County, Liuba County, and Ningqiang County. Next is Minshan Mountain. Some sections of Minshan Mountain locate in Gansu’s Wen County. The remaining of the mountain distributes in Sichuan Province. Its main distributions in Sichuan Province are three counties: Pingwu, Qingchuan, and Beichuan. In addition, there are some parts of Minshan Mountain in Jiuzhaigou County, Songpan County and Mao County. A few sections can be seen in An County, Mianzhu County, Pengzhou County, Wolong County, Shifang County and Dujiangyan City. Qionglai Mountain mainly covers Baoxing County, Wenchuan County, and Tianquan County. We can see the mountain in Dayi County and Lushan County. A few parts can be seen in Qionglai County, Chongzhou County, Kangding County, Luding County and so on. Big Xiang Mountain and Small Xiang Mountain’s main distributions are Hongya and Mianning County. A few distributions of these two mountains are Yingjing County, Shimian County, Hanyuan County and Jiulong County. Big Liang Mountain and Small Liang Mountain mainly cover Mabian, Magu County, Yuegu County, Ganluo County, Erbian County and Leibo County.
How many pandas are there in the wild at present? It is a question which is hard to answer. Statistics on panda is a hard work for human being. The reason is their habitat. They live in steep alpine zone which is hard for people to do a survey. There are two surveys in the 70s and 80s. Through these two surveys, people had found about 1000 wild pandas. Certainly we believed that there were some pandas we could not find. So the number was not so exact. The State Forestry Administration made a research on the amount of pandas. We can find 1596 pandas in the wild and there are also 161 captive pandas. In the family of bear, pandas are rarest animals. It is also one of mammals, which is at the verge of extinction. In the 80s of 20th century, it was surveyed that the habitats of pandas were about 13, 000 square kilometers. In 2000 and 2001, the third survey on panda was made by scientists. In Qinling Mountains, people found 273 wild pandas. In addition, to our surprise, in Qinling Mountains there are brown pandas and white pandas.
It is a special beast in our nation, which has two colors: black and white. Its classification is a question which has been debated about one century. The latest DNA analysis tells us that panda belongs to ursidae. Moreover, our nation has another method of classification, which is panda subfamily. Actually Chinese scientists traditionally think that panda belongs to Ailuropodidae. It also represents the subfield of ursidae.

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