Tue. Apr 16th, 2024

Amazon was also a pioneer in delivering unmatched customer service. Customer service is pretty good in Amazon. All sellers must provide accurate description of their products. Here I don’t mean you should put all information but the right information. If you use some ambiguous data to mislead customer, customer can claim to Amazon, and you maybe receive a warning from Amazon. Especially, if you want to sell items with brand, the rules become much stricter, on the other hand, it is a kind of assurance of customer.


Amazon provides numerous kinds of products, from real items, such as daily necessities, books, luxuries, technology products, to virtual products, for instance, virtual boyfriend, game gold, game accounts like rs accounts for sale. Amazon spoils their customers, tracks their tastes and uses this information to create a unique customer experience. This e-tailer cultivates relationships that lead to customers liking and trusting them. This kind of service surpasses the most brilliant technology in use today. Amazon brought in the world of successful one-to-one marketing, a personal touch from another era.

It is non-stop pursuit of short term shareholder value, rather than long term results might, in essence, be self defeating which was considered as the unconventional business model that make it successful key factor. Unlike many other companies, Amazon will instantly trade off short-term profits for the chance to engender long-term customer loyalty.

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