Sat. Feb 24th, 2024

These cities are nominated by states and union territories based on stage 1 criteria and for stage 2 of competition for prioritizing state / cities for financing. As of now the 20 top scorers for financing have been prepared and the remaining cities are marked for adhering to rectifying these deficiencies. Smart cities are using smart solutions which will be bold and impactful. These would strengthen cities governance and physical, social and economic infrastructure. These good ideas come in many ideas and sizes that are improving quality of life in more ways than one. This might involve technology, institutional or managerial reforms with citizen involvement. Choice of solutions is only smart if this is right sized to challenge it aims to address and it implies that bigger might not mean just better.

40 cities which would be selected for financing in next competition would be the top scorers. All in all the mission for smart solutions in cities envisages or upholds the dynamic current view of the status of cities – 31% of country’s population in cities and generating 63% of national economic activity. These numbers continuously bring to fact that the Diaspora of Indian economy increases with half of country’s population in cities by 2030. Essential guidelines are to sustain the quality of life in modern cities and towns as well as make or bring together all relevant ideas like creativity of citizens, expertise, know how, emergent technologies and taking advantage in improving quality of life. Smart is also about integrating such efforts which is routed into the guidelines and makes this happen. Smart cities explores, refines and revises their ideas to the right perspective though by being realistic it is not intended they be hard or overly optimistic, but the guidelines which could be properly brou

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