Fri. Mar 1st, 2024

Gold Nuggets – The Ultimate Love Affair

It was a barmy scorching hot day somewhere out in the Pacific Ocean, a rather nondescript place where the ocean waves heaved and sighed in their relentless rise and fall. A single particle a tiny droplet of water within the ocean felt itself being drawn upwards towards the ever increasing strong light above, to start on it’s course an amazing journey, until now untold, a love affair between the elements, which would result in one very happy individual like you, holding in their hand, one of the most precious gifts known to man and a lifelong cherished memory of good and happy times.

Upon breaking the surface of the ocean, the particle of water felt itself being lifted up and away from the surface which was still heaving below. Along with billions of other similar particles of water, this particle felt itself rising higher and higher until the ocean home it had known for so long was now far, far below.

Swirling on the winds above, the feeling was very much similar to being in the watery deep which so far had been it’s only memory, but this was altogether a totally new environment, at least she thought to herself, ‘I Am not alone’, for there were still billions of other particles of water also it seemed destined for this new and strange journ


ey. What is to become of me the particle of water said to herself as yet another gust of wind carried her higher still.

Before too long, she happened to bump into another particle of water and together they held hands and talked about their individual journeys and how they had got to where they were now, it felt good all of a sudden not to be so alone, so they made a pact to try to bump into as many other friendly looking particles of water, for it felt as though at least, in the safety of numbers, they might at least defy this ever increasing upward lift that they were still experiencing, in the hope that one day, they might just be able to find their way home again, to the ocean which was now way, way below them.

In the very far distance storm clouds were brewing and as the day went by, they were drifting ever closer to their present position, high in the sky. By now their number had swelled to a very good number of them all holding hands together so that they did not lose any one of their fellow particles of water. Suddenly the storm system was upon them and they held hands ever tighter than before, grouping themselves together so that they formed by now a tiny droplet of water.

The storm was now gathering speed, rushing westwards and within several hours they saw land ahead. Some of the other particles of water in the great ocean had told them about this strange substance called land and the stories shared had always been rather fantastic, so although with a little trepidation and trembling they anticipated a great adventure ahead, one which they all knew individually one day they too would be sharing with other particles of water in the ocean, which was now starting to recede as they crossed over onto the land mass itself. The droplet of water all the while had been growing larger and larger in size and they could see now that many other particles of water had had exactly the same idea and were all now gathered together in little clumps bouncing and swirling around on the the swirls and rushes of wind which enveloped them. In fact there was quite the party atmosphere and everyone was immensely enjoying themselves.

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