Sat. Feb 24th, 2024

how many times you repeat your affirmations, no matter how much you try to just ignore your emotions, they just keep coming back to haunt you.

Let’s now see how we can handle this:

First, we must examine the root cause of negative emotions. We must find the base upon which these negative emotions stand and uproot it from the terrain of your mind.

For most of us, the trigger that sparks off most negative emotions is usually an event – an external event that happened to us, which is usually beyond our control.

If it is an event that is beyond our control, why bother? It’s not your fault. Instead, it is more healthy to focus on the things which exist within your sphere of influence, those factors which you are in control of.

By doing this, by only focusing on optimising your power over the things which you have control over, you are, in fact, contributing to the expansion of your sphere of influence, and therefore, you’ll have more things that you have control over, thus, maximising your effectiveness.

The more you focus on what you do control,

The more things you can control.

The more things you can control,

The more effective you become.

A negative emotion could also be an event that is within our control. And this is all the better to handle. The trick now is to identify what had caused you to not attain what you wanted that then triggered your negative emotion.

Here’s where you can use Effective Questions to ask yourself what had really caused you to (to put it bluntly) fail.

Ask the most important question – Why?

Ask “why?” relentlessly, till you get to the core of t

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