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A paid survey is a type of questionnaire that is completed by a person or entity that uses a specific product or service. They describe their experience with the product and how well the product is suited for their specific use. In return for completing the survey, the person completing the questions will receive some type of paid recompense for their time and effort. This payment may be in cash, it may be in coupons or discounts for the product or related products in the future, or it may be in the form of the product itself. For example, the person doing the survey may be asked to use a particular product for a period of time and then report on the usage experience.



Who pays?

Directly or indirectly, it is the manufacturer of the product who pays for the paid survey. Directly, the company may send a small check to those people who turn in a certain form online or through the mail. Surveys are often taken online nowadays with immediate response. In other instances, it will be a marketing branch or separate entity that makes payment for completing the survey. Again, this may be done directly or through a marketing company attached to the manufacturing concern

Why does the company pay for surveys?

There are several reasons why a company arranges for a paid survey. First, they may get first hand information about the product itself. Who are the customers, who purchase the product and how well does it fit their expectations. This is considered market research by the manufacturing concern and is fairly representative of how the product is doing overall on the open market. This segment of respondents to the surveys are those who have actually used the target product and are able to give an informed opinion on its usefulness.


Advertising campaign review

Another purpose in using a paid survey is to test the efficacy of an advertising campaign in a particular area. If a company is advertising through some particular venue in a geographical locale and wants to see how well the campaign is doing, asking consumers whether they have heard of the product and whether they have purchased the product is a type of paid survey that is very helpful. If the consumers are a targeted age group or income level, those things can be tested as well through the use of a survey.

Primary advertising

Another reason for a paid survey is to advertise the product directly. By asking consumers about a product that is relatively unknown, there will be increased interest and hopefully purchases. By providing the product as partial payment, or as a bonus for completing a survey, the consumer’s attention will be drawn to the specific product and hopefully create an interest in purchasing the product for themselves in the future. Asking about a specific product that has been on the market and providing discount coupons as a bonus for completing a survey will tie the new produc

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