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People get much joy from pampering their dogs, and why shobuldn’t they? But if you want to absolutely make sure that your favorite pet has the best toys, treats, and dog area on the block, you should make sure they have the best pet bed as well.


There is a huge variety of luxury pet beds available today to give your dog the best in comfort and durability. Some types of pet beds you may have heard of, others you and your dog have only dreamed of. Read more to find out just what is available for your pet today.

Supreme Comfort: Pet beds aren’t what they used to be: an overstuffed pillow on the floor. Now, pet beds can be really comfortable and offer orthopedic qualities. For comfort, first look at what the filling is made of. Look for soft and moldable upholstery – some pet beds are now made with high grade memory fiber that molds to your dog’s form for greater support. Another good thing to look for is a support ring. A support ring will add an extra cozy element to your pet bed, providing added support and comfort.

Quality Materials: It’s not just what’s on the inside that matters with pet beds; take a glance at the outer material. A pet bed that is classified as luxury will have a quality cover to offer your pet. Always look for removable covers that are easy to remove and washable. Many dog bed manufacturers today offer protection like anti-odor and dirt resistant covers. You can even get dog beds that are antibacterial, stain and water resistant.

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Special Features: If you have a dog with special needs, such as an elderly dog, a large dog, or one with joint problems, then finding the best pet bed is even more important. Dogs with ailments such as joint problems need extra support and comfort, as do large breeds. You should be able to find orthopedic beds that are designed for the type and support needed to fit larger aging breeds. These beds can help your dog have better rest, therefore helping their quality of life. Other special pet beds include dog couches. These are a fantastic way to provide your dog thier own uniquie lounge space in the house or anywhere. You can find dog couches with a half-circle support ring ensuring easy access.


There is a huge variety of pet beds available today with unique options to give your dog the comfort and quality that they deserve. Before you buy, make sure to do some shopping around to ensure you are getting the best pet bed available. Look for a manufacturer that is veterinarian recommended and has products that are AKC approved.

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