Sat. Feb 24th, 2024

There are lots of options to consider when you need to travel and you will be leaving your Jack Russell Terrier behind. You can let your pet stay at home and have a friend, a neighbor or someone trustworthy go by your house to feed, give water and look after your dog. Other options are boarding kennel or professional pet sitter. But there are also many reasons why you have to travel with your Jack Russell Terrier; a trip to the veterinarian, the possibility of moving to a new place or travel just for fun and pleasure. With all the characteristics and abilities of a Jack Russell Terrier, you can’t expect this breed of dog to stay at home forever.

However, some owners face problems when taking their pets to travel. Dogs not used to traveling may experience motion sickness or worst you might end up going home alone because you lost your dog while traveling.

Here are some points to remember to make traveling with your dog enjoyable and safe:

Health. Before traveling, or even before planning the trip, have your pet examined by your veterinarian. Check if he is in good condition to travel and make sure all his vaccinations are up to date. Vaccination is one sure way of protecting your Jack Russell Terrier from ailments he could contract while traveling.

Food and Water. It’s just right to bring these essential items. Bringing a bottle full of drinking water will ensure that your dog gets the needed moisture. You might also want to bring a bowl because some dogs will not drink in bottle. Bringing you dog’s regular food will ensure that he gets the nutrition he needed without having to worry of diarrhea or problem related to digestive system if you switched to other brands in case his regular food is not available.


Identification. Attaching collar tags containing correct information will increase the chances of recovery in case Fluffy run away.

First Aid Kit. Accidents can happen anytime, anywhere. It’s good to have a first aid kit just in case.

In the car. Do not allow your Jack Russell Terrier to stick his head out of the window or let him ride in the back of an open truck as this may lead to injuries. Another thing, do not let your dog sit on your lap while driving, instead use a seat belt or crate to restrain him.

When traveling. It is good to stop frequently for exercise and potty breaks and then give him a few toys to play with to entertain him while on journey.

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