Sat. Feb 24th, 2024

There are two types of Athletes, the highly trained competing at the top level and the recreational athlete.

Different sporting activities attract different levels of athlete.

The dietary supplements that the two types of athlete require are different and within the sub categories this also holds true but without the same importance.

Athletes competing at the top level of their chosen sport will have coaches, dieticians and nutritionists to maintain and improve their competitive edge.

They will be on carefully monitored diets and supplements to maintain their bodies at the peak of fitness.

The recreational sportsman has to rely on his own resources.

Whatever our recreational sport and whatever our standard we all have a desire to excel, to improve and to win.

Extra effort is needed if we are to perform outside our normal talents.

To gain further enhanced performance, we must look to improving not only fitness but mental focus.

The first answer that comes to mind is physical training and practicing our sport and this is absolutely the correct initial approach.

In competitive sports everyone will more than likely be following the same procedure.

If they are not you are very likely to over take them in the pecking order. It is just as probable that they will be putting in more or less the same effort as you.

So the next logical step forward in this competitive arena is to seek out additional ways to improve performance and to do this we only have to look at what the professionals do to tweak their abilities.

What they do is take nutritional supplements for athletes!!

There are best supplements for muscle growth, best supplements for stamina, best supplements for increasing energy levels, best supplements for injury recovery, exhaustion recovery, the list goes on and on, but most are not practical for the recreational sportsman.

The options for us fun athletes need to be narrowed for practical purposes.

Research has shown that the amount of essential minerals and vitamins that we obtain from our every day food is gradually diminishing.

Due to the reduced amount of required vitamins and minerals in our food supply, those that are commercially produced are invaluable.

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