Thu. Apr 18th, 2024

increasing since we entered the new millennium.
As the internet community is rapidly growing, more and more online users are spending time and money on dating sites.
Most of those people are either too busy to go out to places where they can flirt and court with others, or they
do not feel comfortable in such places (clubs, coffee stands,…). Furthermore with the emancipation of sexual diversities
(heterosexual, bi-sexual….; soft porn, fetish…), it becomes even more difficult these days to aproach a person without

offending his or her beliefs. One thing is fore sure, dating and romance are a necessity in human lives and will continue
being the first steps in building a healthy romantic relationship.
We come to realize that somehow the old style of courting is fading away, and leaving place to virtual encounters. Is this
a bad or good thing? Well the fact is, if you spend more time on your computer than socializing, you will eventually get
rusty when the time comes to show your interpersonal skills. However, online dating is the new way to encounter people for
love and romance. Most of the dating sites offer a fun and anonymous way on finding that special somebody, leaving therefore
more time to the online dater to organize and prepare himself for his eventual dates.

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