Wed. Apr 17th, 2024

This is a tale of a landscape contractor and his quiet getaway
in the mountains. Now, I’m no gardener myself, but I swear that
this is the true tale as related to me as we relaxed on the
front porch on one of those long, summer days spent with a cool
one and watching our neighbors mow their lawns.

Rachel Louise Carson authored the book “Silent Spring” alerting
mankind (which includes you gardeners and landscapers) to the
long term destructive results of certain pesticides and toxic
chemicals. From my own personnel experience and observation, I
wish to add one more insidious ingredient to the expanding list
of dangerous substances polluting our gardens. It is called
“salsa picante” or “salsa muy caliente” (Hot sauce to you

Long, one of the favorite lunch choices of many a landscape
contractor and gardener, you may want to read on… there is
more to that salsa then you’ve been told.

An obscure legend suggests that the Aztec God of Fire captured
the essence of salsa from the bowels of a raging volcano when
a high priest prayed for a cure to cleanse the Aztec people of
plague sweeping the land. The priest placed a single drop of
salsa in the food bowl of every inhabitant. The plague vanished
from the land and so did the Aztecs!

From personal experience, I know better than to touch the stuff
(as you will soon see), but my landscape crew often indulges.
I’ve related this story to them on many a landscape job, but
they laugh it off, much like Boy Scouts around the campfire
hearing the scary tall tales. Unfortunately, this tale is

One Friday night not long ago found us rolling toward the
family diggins in the mountains near Julian, CA. After a hard
week of building, planting gardens, and irrigating lawns, I
was ready for a relaxing weekend at the ranch… building,
planting gardens, and irrigating lawns. After two years the
house and surrounding landscaping were nearly half done.

We were almost there when my wife Gerry, the blanket burglar,
wanted some Mexican food. She should have married a Mexican
chef (or gardener in my case) because her craving for the
stuff is almost insatiable.

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