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When someone says cable, what does it make you think of? This is cable television at its best, pure and simple. At Time Warner Cable, we offer cable TV, high speed broadband Internet, and telephone bundles. There is no other company that will offer you the same great services that we offer here at Time Warner Cable.

High-Speed Internet From Time Warner Cable Delivers Download Speeds That Are Amazing!

You can quickly have your videos or music files downloaded and be on your way with Road Runner High Speed Internet. When you can have Road Runner Internet from Time Warner Cable, why take the chance and use another company? This internet connection speed is great and the consistency provided by Time Warner is fabulous. The real power for downloading the videos that you would like to watch, along with the ability to send pictures that you want to share is so fast that you will barely have time to take more. The Internet connection can be accessed by multiple users in the same household by using a network. The service includes five email accounts. A great thing is customer support–what other company offer 24/7 help? There’s no need to worry about viruses or spam, because Road Runner Internet includes anti-virus and anti-spam features for built-in security.

The Time Warner Cable Digital HD TV Advantage Will Forever Change How You Experience Entertainment

Once you have Time Warner Cable, you will find it offers much more than other cable companies. The extras alone will be one of the things that you enjoy about this cable TV service. When you choose high definition as an option you get the best there is in crystal clear images and surround sound quality audio. With extra features like movies on demand, an interactive program guide, and the ability to control viewing content, Time Warner Cable puts you in control. If you want to be reminded of a favorite show that is coming on a later time, the reminder feature of the interactive program guide will help you to keep track. If the important point in this case is the availability of shows in different languages, then don’t worry because Time Warner Cable offers several language packages. All available for your convenience are the French, German, Spanish, and Hindi. You can watch movies all night long if you want, because so many movie channels are offered by Time Warner Cable. The crystal clear video quality is a great plus to watching those movies with Time Warner Cable. The quality of the picture, the sound of the music, and the great action you can feel radiate through the television when you watch an adventure movie should be the selling point for you. With Time Warner Cable’s digital clarity, the movie will be so attention grabbing, that you will ignore everything else!

The Digital Phone Service That Time Warner Cable Provides, Will Dramatically Decrease Your Monthly Phone Bill

The telephone service that we offer is one of the best ones that you could find. You can call anywhere in the US and Canada. There is also an international one-price plan that will allow calling if your family is in Mexico, the United Kingdom, Germany or any one of a hundred other countries that are included in this plan. You can keep all of your phone numbers and phones with our services. No need to purchase new phone equipment! What you have now will work with our service.

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