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Jelly Beans are classic candies that span the ages, and creating a Jelly Bean display in your store is a great way to increase your profit while having some fun!The even better news is that Jelly Bean displays work well in nearly every kind of store. Candy stores, grocery stores, bookstores, toy stores, gas stations and convenience stores – they all have room for Jelly Bean displays. Before you become too excited, however, you need to make a few preparations; namely, you need to choose where in your store you want to create the display, what kinds of candy containers you want to use to display the candy, and exactly what kinds of Jelly Beans you want to include.Step #1: Choose Your Display SpaceYou don’t want to order your Jelly Beans and then just throw up a display anywhere you can find room. To make help increase your store’s profit, you need to display your Jelly Beans somewhere where customers can easily see and access them, and ideally near similar kinds of candy.Do you want to create a countertop display? A floor display? A wall display? Do you want your Jelly Bean display to be modest or large? These are the kinds of questions you need to answer before you can move on to the next step: Choosing the acrylic containers you’ll use to display the Jelly Beans.Step #2: Choose Acrylic Bins to Display Jelly BeansAcrylic containers are usually the best choice for displaying unwrapped candy, and for some storeowners it’s the only choice: Many state health departments require them to display unwrapped candy in acrylic containers.Fortunately, there are plenty of fun acrylic bins to choose from. Consider acrylic round face bins and acrylic mini bins, great for both countertop and table displays and complete with acrylic scoops to help your customers access the Jelly Beans they want. You might want to check out acrylic gravity bins, which help you save space and help keep the candy untouched, or you might want to add some flair to your displays with acrylic candy towers or gumball machines.Step #3: Choose Your Jelly BeansNow that you know how and where you want to situate your Jelly Bean display, it’s time to order the actual Jelly Belly’s!Naturally, you’ll want to order the candy from a wholesaler, but before you submit an order form with the first company you run across, be sure to shop around. Ordering from a candy wholesaler helps you get the most bang for your buck, but shopping around for the company that offers exactly what you need at the best price for your budget helps stretch your dollar even further.

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