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What To Do, Say and How To Get My (Your) Ex Boyfriend or Girlfriend Back In Love With You

Do you hurt from a breakup?

Were you recently dumped or did you dump your boyfriend or girlfriend, only to discover later that your love for him/her is still fresh and you feel that you can’t let your ex walk out of your life just like that. I must admit that I know the way you feel because I have been in your shoes once a time. It’s almost unbearable to watch someone you’ve loved for a while slip right out of your arms but not out of your heart. From a personal opinion certain things should not happen in our lives, a relationship breakup is one of them, especially when you have deep feelings of love and you really truly love your ex boyfriend or girlfriend. You want your ex lover back and you don’t know what to do. Circumstances and occurrences like this inspired me to write this article on Ways To Reconcile To A Lost Love.

My name is Donald, I like to see myself as an innovative writer, and I’m writing this 3 step plan to assist you in the course of getting your ex back to be in love with you.

Let’s begin straight away.

1. What Caused the Break up?

The first thing I expect you to do is figure out what led to the breakup. Do some analysis, the reason is introspective (thoughtful). After you’ve figured out what went wrong in the relationship, look deep within you and ask yourself what part you played in the relationship. Did you cheat on him/her? Were you over demanding? Did you ignore him/her? Did you get to use your partner as a footstool? Did you take him/her for granted? On the contrary, did you let your ex have the upper hand always? Did you become a push over and lost your opinions and personality in order to please him/her? Determining what led to the breakup is the first step you should take. You can’t probably consider giving the relationship another go until that is determined.

2. Focus on Yourself

Keep in mind that when you first met your ex, he or she was attracted to your physical looks of course, but also to your personality. If you were sociable, humorous, confident, and independent; these are all attitudes people look out for in a prospective partner. As part of winning back your ex will require focusing on yourself. Instead of getting obsessed over the dilemma of the break up, this is the preferred time to do those things that makes you standout, attractive so that any of the opposite sex will be attracted to you when they set their eyes on you. This can even make your ex lover jealous. Get busy with hobbies and other interests. You can hang out with friends just to have fun. Now, I don’t think anyone desires to be around people who are always sad or depressed. You must know that your being sad makes you unattractive and this will make your ex drag farther away from you. You can decide to get into fashion, go shopping or any other thing that will get your ex attracted to you.

3. Get The Attention Of Your Ex

You can apply a trick like this one I’m about to show you. So, what you are going to do now is to make your ex miss you and m

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